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Design & Build

We believe that the final product is not just a reflection of your business but also ours. Having a Vision of your image in the market and staying in budget our goal is for you to deliver your customers an enjoyable Mobile Experience.

Marketing & Increasing your Sales

The success of your app is not just in your hands, Its in ours as well. We are with you every step of the way when it comes to guiding you on what you need to do to market your app to increase your sales. Every RSN App comes with a Free Marketing Starter Pack guaranteed to make the impact you need to alert your current and future customers.

Rigorous Testing

Being Compliant with Apple and Google is very important. Before we submit we put every feature through a rigorous Function check that ensures the end user will navigate without interruption.



How we Work

At RSN Apps, our approach is based on our enthusiasm of the idea that can add value to your business and hopefully earn your trust to become your main source for future marketing expansions and product development. We have an easy & comfortable way to do business…
our customers like it.

Unparalleled Transparency

To ensure we operate as a single, cohesive team, you’ll get access to our entire suite of tools. What we see, you see. Each creative idea, stock photo and creative is put into your dashboard space. We work closely with you throughout our process. The result is your mobile experience to be one that you will talk about for years to come.

Demonstrable Progress

Our operating system is already live, the job for us from the time you say Start, is Plan, Frame, design, Pre-Test then submit for approval. On the day we submit your app to Apple & Google we start working on your promotional materials for your scheduled Launch day. The entire process can take from 2-4 weeks to complete.

Within as little as 1 week, you’ll begin getting a working version of your app to install on your device. There’s nothing like watching your app come alive. Every Day you can see a Live Preview of what stage your app is in and what’s new, updated, fixed, or in progress. In the app store or google play store download the “Preview your App” mobile app and keep it on your device until our entire process is complete, or visit www.previewyourapp.com

No Long-Term Binding Contracts

We’re always incentivized to complete work on time and exceed your expectations because there’s no contract lock-in. We only ask that you give it a full year cycle to analyze a measure of effectiveness. Your real investment is in the onetime Primary build. The daily maintenances our in-house team preform behind the scenes to keep you operational 24/7 Paired with the training on your CMS along with the annual licensing cost spread out over 12 months become so nominal that the success of your app will make it unnoticeable.

Your App

If we have created a Demo for you we are already invested in your success, Most Demos are created because of an RSN team member’s intimate knowledge or connection of your company or its management. Some are created upon request. Know that depending on how we do it could speed up the Launch process.

We are committed to your success!



RSN Apps…

Creating a niche for small businesses one app at a time.

Our team is comprised of talented developers, designers and strategic planners, top notch professionals who are passionate about technology & delivering Results for their clients, building RSN Digital from the ground up. Working with the local mom & pop shops in the Tri-State area most of our team’s experience and knowledge dates to the 1990’s when print and mailed newspapers & coupon magazines were the most effective as well as affordable means for small businesses to reach and influence their targeted audience.

As we have watched technology change our reader’s habits and needs, we see that everyone is on their phones or online, whether it’s checking their social media or looking for that better deal for a product they want or need. We are finding that by the time the consumer gets home and reads the mail it’s almost too late in the day for that message to have its desired effect! Between work, taking the kids to after school activities etc., the consumer needs to get your information faster and easier.

So here we are, our vision is to offer an easy to use high speed platform that engages your customer, makes it fun for you to use and lets you see the performance of your message in real time. Blended with a local mailed shopper magazines RSN not only will deliver you a turnkey mobile app along with a complete CMS for you to take control of but we will market your mobile app for several months FREE no matter where your business is located. Marketing your app, the day it is launched so the community you know and love will hear the great news and can see what your custom app is all about.

Our philosophy; Offer a company a quality product, something that we would use for our own business.

As a U.S. Veteran owned small business, we pride ourselves with the fact that most of our staff still serves our great country, and has the fortitude to finish every job given above and beyond expectations. We pride ourselves on setting the standard in our market!


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